XINZHIZAO 13 In 1 FIX-E13 EEPROM Logic Baseband IC Fixture

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XinZhiZao FIX-E13 EEPROM Chip Test for iphone 12 Max Baseband X Logic Read Write
1. Support logic, Intel baseband, Qualcomm baseband reading, saving, editing, and burning.
2. Imported high-quality pure copper gold-plated probes, double-headed probes are retractable, high stability, and good conductivity.
3. With a working indicator, the equipment operates more clearly, soft and not dazzling.
4.13 models, one set is done.
5. Plug and connect, fast reading and writing speed, put the motherboard into the baseband chip reading and writing area, connect to the computer to read and write data.
6. It is convenient and fast to read and write without disassembly, and it can be directly put into the corresponding card slot for reading and writing without flying wires, saving time and effort, and improving work efficiency.
7. The operation is simple and easy to use, connect to the programmer assistant, and quickly read and write data.

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