Replacement 15.6 inch Laptop LCD Screen Display B156XTN03.1 LTN156AT31 B156XTN08.1

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Laptop Slim LCD Screen B156XTN03.1 LTN156AT31 B156XTN08.1 LED 

Package: 1x Display Screen
Size: 15.6"
Interface: 30 pins
Ratio: 16:9
Backlight: EDP
Resolution: 1366*768

This is a LCD Screen (not a laptop).
If you are uncertain whether our item is suitable for your laptop, please contact us.

Installation Precautions:
  1. When replacing the screen, you need to power off the device battery first. After the screen is completely replaced, reconnect the battery and start the test.
  2. When installing the screen, do not press the edge of the screen hard. This can easily crush the screen.

Note :

(1):Highly recommend professional install .
(2):It is highly recommended that the replacing work will be done by a professional repairer or buyer is good recognized of assembly knowledge before purchase.

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