Relife RL-T12-XS-I/J/SK/K Soldering Iron Tip

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iProGadgets Repair Tools  Relife RL-T12-XS-I/J/SK/K Soldering Iron Tip for GVM T12-XS Welding Support JBC AIXUN I2C T12 SUGUN OSS Serie Iron Head Set Tool

1. Compatible with most T12 handles on the market
2. Plug-in installation is simple, no need to remove the handle, plug and play, farewell to tedious, improve efficiency
3. Nano-plating, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life
4. High-efficiency heat conduction and temperature recovery, integrated design of heating core and soldering iron head, reducing heat loss, rapid temperature rise and temperature recovery

Heating core model:
RELIFE RL-T12-XS-I Heating Core/Tip
RELIFE RL-T12-XS-J heating element/elbow
RELIFE RL-T12-XS-K heating element/K head
RELIFE RL-T12-XS-SK heating element/SK head

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