RL-936WE Digital Display Battery Spot Welding Machine

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Relife RL-936WE Digital Display Battery Spot Welding Machine with Battery Fixed for Phone Repair

  • RL-936WE digital display battery spot welding machine, continuous spot welding can be operated with one hand/four-grid power display /6-speed welding mode/battery fixed spot welding integrated design
  • Suitable for precision welding of lithium battery nickel sheet, battery small plate replacement, stainless steel sheet, stainless iron sheet, etc.
  • External red copper spot welding seat, the battery can be placed on the machine and can be welded continuously multiple times with one hand, reducing power consumption
  • Solderable to transfer nickel mobile phone batteries, support welding iPhone/Huawei/Xiaomi/OPPO /VIVO and other mainstream mobile phone batteries
  • Four-grid power display; 1/2/3/4/5 gears are normal gears, double-click the middle button to enter double pulse mode, 6 gears short-circuit repair gear
  • The integrated battery fixed spot welding design fixes the battery protection board and the battery to avoid poor welding results due to shaking during welding
  • Do not connect the spot welding pen to the positive and negative poles of the battery at the same time to bring you a more comfortable experience
  • Breaking the traditional one-piece soldering pen, the pen tip is as fine as 1mm, and can be rotated to quickly replace the soldering pen tip
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, longer battery life, USB charging plug, convenient and fast
  • One machine with multiple functions, the maximum output is 2.4A, and both Apple and Android can be used
  • 360° rotating buckle design, can move left and right parallel, clamping firmly

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