RELIFE RL-20A Soldering Tape Efficient Tin Removal Wire

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Soldering Tape RELIFE RL-20A Efficient Tin Removal Wire Cleaning PCB Board for Tin Absorption Pure Copper Material Repair Tool


1. Made of pure copper material, it can resist oxidation, corrosion, absorb tin smoothly, and has ultra-low residue. It is suitable for various PCB circuit boards to absorb tin.

2. Refined from pure copper with a special chemical formula, it is resistant to oxidation and corrosion, has good thermal conductivity and tin absorption performance, and is clean in tin absorption.

3. Fast heat conduction, suitable for rapid tin absorption to reduce the risk of thermal damage to circuit boards.

4. Quick tin absorption, no cleaning.

Notes: If there are any problems with the product during use, please contact our class in a timely manner and sincerely serve you.

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