RELIFE DT-02 Smart Pen-type Multimeter

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RELIFE DT-02 Smart Pen Type Multimeter AC DC Voltage Tester Auto Range For Mobile Phones Repair Testing LCD Digital Multi-meter

Product attributes:

Multifunctional measurement, capable of measuring various electronic components to meet your multifunctional needs, suitable for on-site maintenance, personal DIY enthusiasts, home maintenance, etc


Built in sensor, when a weak AC voltage is detected nearby, the green indicator light flashes, and the buzzer emits a slow drip sound. When encountering strong voltage, the indicator light emits a red light, and the buzzer emits a rapid drip sound. Insulation testing is safer

Energy saving and long-lasting battery life

The instrument adopts AAA 1.5V battery, which is easy to replace, easy to purchase, and has longer and more durable battery life

Automatic shutdown within 5 minutes without operation

Suitable for various electrical appliances, small electronic components, and circuit maintenance and testing

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