MaAnt RC-3 Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer Quick Diagnostic Device

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iProGadgets Repair Tools MaAnt RC-3 Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer Quick Diagnostic Device For Macro Lenses Mobile Phone Motherboard Chips Repair Tool 

MaAnt RC-3 3D infrared thermal imager motherboard short circuit analyzer PCB fault rapid diagnosis instrument, can be connected to mobile phone and computer. MaAnt RC-3 RC-4 256*192 infrared pixels thermal camera motherboard fault quick diagnosis for mobile phone PCB BGA SMD chips repair, like leak/power inspection and
short-circuit detections

MaAnt RC-3 Specification:
Model: MaAnt RC-3 Infrared thermal imaging analyzer.
Resolution: 256*192.
Frame rate: 25Hz.
Lens Angle: 56°x42.
Temperature measurement distance: 3mm-15mm.
Device port: USB Type-C.
Input voltage: DC 5V.
Temperature range: -15℃-600℃ (5℉-1112℉).
Storage temperature: -20℃-60℃.
Operating temperature: 0℃-50℃.
Product size: 150*150*230mm
Net weight: 591g.
Please note: HD 30mm Macro lens needs to be purchased separately.

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