MaAnt MY-903 Screwdriver Hard High-Precision S2 Alloy Screwdriver 8Pcs/Set

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iProGadgets Repair Tools MaAnt MY-903 Screwdriver Set Colorful Head Ultra Hard High-Precision S2 Alloy Screwdrivers Phone Repair Dismantling Hand Tools8 8Pcs/Set
-Special alloy steel bit,antirust alloy material
-Precision silent bearing
-High precision bite screw
-8 different steel head models to meet macboo of apple andoird phone disassembly of maintenance screws
-Not only the external beauty,but also the internal structure is still precise and reliable
-Special alloy,strong hardess,no deformation,the cutter head and the screw fit,no damage and no sliding teeth,making maintenance safer
-Non slip soft wear-resistant silicone sleeve
-Special alloy steel bit/Precision silent bearing/High precision bite screw/Precision noise reduction bearing
-Wear resistant and anti slip silicone
-Strong magnetic attraction 

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