i2C i6S Battery Efficiency Cycle Repair Board for 11-15PM Battery

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iProGadgets Repair Tools i2c i6S Battery Efficiency Cycle Repair Board for iPhone 11-15 Pro Max battery health data 100% renew and charging/discharging test

1. Support iPhone 11-15PM models charging and discharging test, and battery health go up to 100% renew.
2. Support fast charging protocol, fast charging.
3. Fully automatic and unattended, battery efficiency automatically increase
4. Customized battery to increase efficiency and automatically stop working when reached set data.
5. Support check discharging/charging/voltage/work time and more detail battery information.
6. Support single board working without device, 3 number digital tube screen display information.
7. It is a single board that can work stand-alone or work with i6S programmer.

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