GVM T210D Intelligent Double Soldering Station Nano-welding Table

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iProGadgets Repair Tools GVM T210D Intelligent Double Soldering Station Nano-welding table for SMD PCB Rework Repair motherboard Precision solder joint 

New product GVM T210D Double station mobile phone maintenance constant temperature welding station
.Suitable for electronic repairs, such as welding workshops in electronics factories, electronic repairs, mobile phone repairs, etc., to easily solve various precision solder joints such as mobile phones and computers
.New high-efficiency welding system, double-station handles can work independently at the same time, without switching back and forth, improving work efficiency
.Intelligent automatic sleep, standby, sleep when placed on the soldering iron stand, greatly improving the life of the heating core, saving power and reducing hidden risks
.Intelligent temperature control,Rapid heating, tin melting in 2 seconds, large and small solder joints are effortless

Intelligent induction sleep, automatic standby, 2S tin, rapid temperature recovery, intelligent double station, precise temperature control, high-definition digital display large screen, universal C210 series soldering iron tip
Package configuration: Host*1/Sleeping Cable"2/Soldering lron Handle"2/Soldering lron Stand*2/Soldering lron Stand Sponge"2/Heating Core*2/Soldering lron Head Anti-scald Pad*1/Grounding Wire"1 /Power Cord*1/Instruction

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