TBK 958F TBK958F TBK-958F 20W Optical Fiber Laser Separator Mobile Phone Back Cover Glass Screen Removal Marking Engrave Machine

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TBK-958F 20W Metal Mini Laser Engraving Machine for iPhone 8 to 14 Pro Max Back Glass Screen Removing Marking Laser Separator

TBK-958F Mini 20W Automatic Laser Machine with the Built-in Smoke Exhaust Device for Smart Phone Back Glass Removal, LCD Frame Repairing, Back Cover Separating, Engraving, LOGO Marking, etc.

1.Built-in fume extractor and smoke exhaust device.
2.20W laser power, faster back glass removal compared to other machines.
3.Supports hundreds of mobile back cases and frame data, and keeps updating!
4.Printing logo on goods, and it can fiber laser mark pictures on metal or mobile back case.
5.One-button start-up and operation simple: Small and compact size, occupies less working space.
6.Built-in computer and Precise drawing: Built-in computer, software, and files included, automatic focus length, no need for measurement
7.Laser on the phone directly, no damage to motherboard or battery, no need to open the whole phone
8.Automatic alignment fixture mode included, 100% accurate, no need to adjust the location each time
9.Separate back cover and bracket frames for all models, including 8-14 Pro Max and other brands like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, LG, etc.

1. It provides big hole back glass for iPhone models, no need to remove the camera frame.
2. There is no matching mold set for this product. If you need a mold set, please contact the shop customer service and purchase it separately.

How to use it:
1.Plug in the power cord and turn on the power switch;
2.Remove the lens cap of the high-speed galvo mirror;
3.Turn on the computer switch (Computer key);
4.Call up the corresponding drawings;
5.Place the mobile phone along the fixed fixture;
6.Press the Focus button to automatically adjust the focal length;
7.Turn on the red-light indicator, aim at the red light, and adjust the parameters;
8.Start marking button to start marking;
9.Remove the mobile phone after the marking is finished, and you can disassemble the machine.

Package Includes:
1* 958F Machine + Smoking hood
1* Metal Card
1* One Set of Allen wrench
1* Power Cord
1* Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

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