S-UEM2 Motherboard USB-C EDP Interface Tester FACE Camera Detection Logic Board Test Box Repair Tools

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S-UEM2 Tester/USBC & EDP Meter EDP Connector

> S-UEM2 is a tester for USB-C and EDP connector of logic board for MacBook.
> Using LED color screen, display and operation are more convenient.
> Support Type_C, Micro USB cable power input, Support AAA battery power input (Easy to carry).
> S-UEM2 include a host, 3 connecting cables, and 2 adapter boards.



1. Quickly judge the fault point of the 5V-20V boost through the USB-C connector.
2. Quickly judge the failure point of no display or camera not working through the EDP display connector.
3. The S-UEM2 host has written the correct diode value of the 2016-2020 logic board connector for MacBook.
4. If the measured value of the connector is high, low or short circuit will be displayed.

Applicable Models

1, S-UEM2 is suitable for measuring 2016-2020 motherboard for MacBook.
2, Including A1706, A1708, A1707, A1989, A1990, A2159, A1932, A2179, A2289, A2251, A2141 etc.
3. The normal values of JB500/J3300_CWR, J3300/J3300_CXT and J8500 EDP connector are written inside

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