RL-407 Thermal Grease Flux Efficient Heat Conduction

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RELIFE RL-407 Thermal Conductive Silicone Grease Efficient Heat Conduction/Rapid Cooling FOR IPHONE/Android/Laptops and Desktops


1. Efficient heat conduction and rapid cooling.

2. Suitable for cooling various electronic components such as Apple/Android smartphones, high-power LED modules, integrated chips, power modules, etc.

3. The thermal conductivity coefficient is 6.0W/MK, which is resistant to damp heat and environmental aging, making it easy to cope with the heat brought by high-power CPU/GPU.

4. It has good insulation, non-conductive, and does not corrode various heat dissipation components.

5. Low deformation ability, good plasticity, and low fluidity, which can compress voids.

Notes:If there are any problems with the product during use, please contact us promptly and sincerely serve you.

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