Mechanic 6 Pro Curved Screen Laminating Defoaming Integrated Machine

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Mechanic 6 Pro 12.9-inch Curved Screen OCA Vacuum Lamination Defoaming Integrated Machine
  • Low noise/Easy operation/Small volume/Intelligent security
  • Compatible with 12.9 inches, one button for start, vacuum laminating
  • It can fit a watch screen, curved screen, straight screen, and cover plate
  • Laminating for iWatch screen, edge screen flat screen, glasses, and Pad screen, compatible under 12.9 inches
  • Set OCA pressure on the left, and set screen pressure on the right the laminating parameters are different in OCA and screen, one button to get started, independent control convenient operation
  • Sealed tight for lamination tank, good laminating, no bubble
  • Choose 125 cylinders of AirTAC brand, it is corrosion-resistant by cylinder liner seal ring, stability pressure performance underwear resistant conditions, and cylinder quality is better than others
  • The switching power supply chosen MeanWell power, is good quality this power supply reduces the no-load voltage and low-loss power the life of capacitance is 4 times higher than ordinary conversion efficiency is up to 90%
  • Solenoid valve adopts AirTAC brand good solenoid valve sealing responsiveness, low friction resistance
  • The pressure of starting air is too low as zero extends the service life
  • Solid state electronics chooses Fqiek brand, touch controller without mechanical contact action, spark-proof, works without noise interference, good quality, long life, and durability

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