K-060W Adjustable Temperature Electric Solder Iron Rework Station Handle Heat Pencil

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Kailiwei 60W Soldering Iron SMD Rework Soldering Iron Pen Phone Repair Tool Adjustable Temperature Electronic Welding Repair Heating

Soldering iron is an essential tool for electronic production and electrical maintenance. Its main purpose is to weld components and wires.

Instructions for use
1. Select the appropriate solder, and the low melting point solder wire for welding electronic components should be selected.
2. Flux, dissolve 25% rosin in 75% alcohol (weight ratio) as flux.
3. The electric soldering iron should be tinned before use. The specific method is: heat the electric soldering iron. When the soldering tin can just be melted, apply flux, and then apply the soldering tin evenly on the soldering iron tip, so that the soldering iron tip is evenly eaten. A layer of tin.
4. Soldering method, clean the pads and the pins of the components with fine sandpaper, and apply flux. Dip an appropriate amount of solder with the tip of a soldering iron and touch the solder joint. After the solder on the solder joint is completely melted and immersed in the lead of the component, the tip of the soldering iron gently lifts up along the lead of the component to leave the solder joint.
5. The welding time should not be too long, otherwise the components will be easily scalded. If necessary, clamp the pins with tweezers to help dissipate heat.
6. The solder joint should be in the shape of a sine wave, the surface should be bright and smooth, without tin thorns, and the amount of tin should be moderate.
7. After the soldering is completed, use alcohol to clean the residual flux on the circuit board to prevent the carbonized flux from affecting the normal operation of the circuit.
8. The integrated circuit should be soldered last, the electric soldering iron should be grounded reliably, or the residual heat should be used for welding after power failure. Or use a special socket for integrated circuits, and then plug the integrated circuit in after soldering the socket.
9. The soldering iron should be placed on the soldering iron stand.

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