WL-1805 LCD Screen Separator With Dust Checking Light 220V/110V Hot Plate for iPad Phone Samsung Repair Machine

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220V/110V WL-1805 LCD Screen Separator With Dust Checking Light Hot Plate For IPhone IPad Samsung Repair Machine Tools

1. Fast Heating, constant temperature and high efficiency! New custom heating core,longer life
2.Added dust-checking light to make dust nowhere to hidden; added convenient storage / equipped with small screw magnet slot.
3.110V-220V voltage can be freely converted
4.Soft heating pad, silicone rubber heating plate with temperature control, mobile phone tablet screen removal, heating plate, silicone heating plate
5.Screen changer and screen separator.
6.Support: Mobile iPad Tablet Apple Air Notebook
7. 5V / 2A USB output design
8. Versatile design Set USB output Screwdriver placement Parts box in one
9.The material is soft, free to bend and not easily damaged!

1 x WL-1805 LCD Screen Separator

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