RL-601L Motherboard Fixture IC CPU PCB Repair Clamp

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Motherboard Fixture RELIFE RL-601L for IC Chip Removal Glue Platform PCB CPU Board Soldering Reballing 3-Axis Repair Clamp

.Support motherboard welding/chip deglue/board repair/fingerprint key/camera maintenance and clamping

.Double-slot bidirectional three-axis, equipped with a variety of card positions, suitable for precise clamping of motherboards of different shapes; supports multiple motherboard chips to be fixed at the same time, improving maintenance efficiency

.Precise card slot with precise step slider, more convenient and easy to use

.Universal mobile phone repair jig, adopts spiral shaft fixing design, no rebound, stable fixation, upgraded screw, easy to screw in place in seconds

.The bottom is made of alloy steel base plate, which is firm, stable, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant. Silicone wear-resistant foot pads, stable operation, good anti-skid effect

.Suitable for precise clamping of motherboards of different shapes

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