RELIFE TB-05 Battery Repair Instrument for iPhone

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RELIFE TB-05 Battery Repair Instrument for IP8~14/Pro/Plus/Pro Max Battery Data Reading Writing Battery Health Warning Error Fix

1:Support 8G/8P/X/XS/XS Max/XR/11/11Pro/11Pro Max/12/12Pro/12Pro Max/12Mini/13/13Pro/13Pro Max/13Mini/14/14Pro/14Plus/14Pro Max read data , Repair battery health and efficiency

2:Setup-free and boot-free

3:The setting needs to be connected to the battery cable and the original battery. It will take effect immediately after the modification. There is no need to change the battery to boot, and it can be directly installed and used. The setting remains stable for a long time

4:Default 0 cycle capacity 100%

5:The default is 0 cycles, the efficiency is 100, and the battery cable is connected. No need to read and write binding operations. After installation, you only need to turn on the charging cable, and then restart to update the battery data. Aisi data synchronization

6:It can be used directly after installation, no power-off, no automatic shutdown, with battery capacity algorithm, to maximize the performance of the battery, suitable for battery efficiency recovery after battery replacement

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