P2 Pro Infrared Thermal Imager Temperature Scanner Camera

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InfiRay P2 Pro Mobile Phone Infrared Thermal Imager PCB Circuit Industrial Test Floor Heating Pipe Phone Maintenance

Model P2 Pro-Android P2 Pro-ios
Resolution 256×192
Pixel Pitch 12μm
NETD ≤40mK @77°F,F#1.0
Operating Band 8~14μm
Frame Rate 25Hz
Operating Temperature -4°F~+131°F
Storage Temperature -40°F~+185°F
Power Consumption 250mW
Processor Self-developed ASIC chip
Focal Length 3.2mm
Aperture F1.1
FOV 56.0°×42.2°
Focusing Mode Athermalized prime lens
Temperature Measurement
Measurement Range -4°F~+1112°F
Measurement Accuracy ±3.6°F(±2% of reading, the greater shal prevail)
Temperature Correction Emissivity, distance,environmental temperature
Size 27×18×9.8(mm)
Color Silver
Weight 9g
Interface TYPE-C Lightning
App Function
Palette White/black-hot + 6 pseudo colors
Measurement Method Point/line/area temperature measurement
Information Sharing Instant picture sharing
Data Analysis Secondary temperature analysis and processing of images
Support System Android6.0 and above iOS 11 and above
App Update Online update

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