GX Hard OLED LCD Display Replacement For iPhone Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Support Change Touch IC

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GX Hard OLED LCD Display Replacement For iPhone X XS MAX XR 11 12 Pro Max 13 OLED Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly

COMPITABLE for iPhone X~ 13 Series Screen Replacement OLED (GX OLED) [NOT LCD] Touch Screen Display Digitizer Repair Assembly 
  • Premium Quality GX OLED Screen Replacement for iPhone X ~ 13 Series.
  • Replace Any Damage:Replacing old, broken, cracked, damaged, unusable ones, and make your device become new again.
  • Every order comes with a screen replacement assembly, but it's better to refer to the installation video on YouTube before installing it. Tested before shipping and 100% working well. 
  • Note: This kit does not include the ear piece and front camera, you need to move from the original screen to the new screen.

Hard OLED, Soft OLED and In-Cell Difference ?
We illustrate the differences that characterize the various displays. This speech is purely related only to the displays for iPhone X or higher (such as iPhone XS, 11 Pro, 12 etc.).


What most differentiates Hard OLED displays are the optimal color rendering comparable to the original and a higher brightness. But this model has a more rigid panel, this can more easily lead to a breakage resulting from accidental impacts. Pay attention, I did not say that it is fragile and that it will surely break but that it is more delicate than the more expensive Soft OLED model.


  • Cheaper display than the Soft one;
  • More fragile and slightly less resistant to impacts;
  • Excellent color contrast;
  • Optimal color rendering;
  • Excellent brightness;
  • The double black frame or outline reduces very little the size of the display, and therefore of the displayed image compared to the original;
  • Slightly thicker;
  • Battery consumption equal to the original;


Unlike the model just described, the panel of a Soft OLED display is thinner, and this together with greater flexibility allow you to absorb more shocks and greatly reduce the risk of breakage and failure.


  • More expensive display;
  • More impact resistant;
  • Quality equal to the original;
  • Excellent color contrast;
  • Optimal color rendering;
  • Good brightness;
  • Size and therefore thickness of the display equal to the original;
  • Battery consumption equal to the original;


As for the In-Cell displays, they present as the original the touch module and the LCD (which has the function of displaying images) on the same layer of the panel. In this way the touch and therefore its sensitivity will be optimal, reactive, more pleasant and fluid. This is combined with a lower weight and thickness making it more compact and similar to the original (for example after assembly, observing the iphone sideways we will notice that the thickness will be the same as the original one). The only model among the most recent that mounts this technology is the iPhone 11, as from the X model onwards they are all OLEDs.

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